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Computer control Cupping cup tester

Computer control Cupping cup tester
  • Computer control Cupping cup tester
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Computer control Cupping cup tester

Product Details:

1, the cupping test machine uses a new type of structure principle, constant speed servo motor load, constant speed control can be achieved by a computer-controlled process stamping, punching speed can be stepless adjustment set in advance. (Past cylinder oil source Afterburner can not achieve a constant rate control).
2, the clamping force is independent of load by the hydraulic oil source, the clamping force can be adjusted, data synchronization display, independent calibration.
3, measuring devices have changed in the past hydraulic sensors spoke Sensors, Erichsen value measurement encoder measuring, testing process using low friction punch move my company's first mobile device, combined with high-precision sensors spokes (direct load ) enables test (0.05 ~ 3mm) thin sheet, while greatly improving the accuracy and reliability of the test machine measured cupping value. perfect match of the instrument measuring device and loading device and its control program, a very good It solves the problem of poor reproducibility of test data, but also the introduction of new machines Erichsen cupping verification procedures and test methods to provide a reliable basis for our country.
4, cupping, cup mold easy to replace, easy sample handling, sample into the post, press the Auto button to complete clamping, test parameters can be entered, changed, stamping process to achieve closed-loop control, punch pressure drop judgment test Cracks appear like automatic parking, while being easy to observe specimens crack test data computer displays, and a peak memory function, ie, the maximum punch pressure, Erichsen value, etc., to achieve test results report, storage, batch, draw the curve, deformation highly automatic memory, the end of a test can be automatically restored to the state to be tested.
Technical Parameters:
1, sheet thickness: 0.05 ~ 3mm (high-precision sensors, enabling ultra-thin sheet test)
2, cupping sample plate width: 90-100mm;
3, sample cup wafer diameter: φ60mm (can be customized according to user requirements)
4, the punch stroke: 60mm;
5, stamping load: 50kNmax; (according to customer material punching pressure, configure the maximum punch load)
6, the maximum clamping load of 10kN. (Adjustable)
7, Erichsen value resolution: 0.01mm
8, deformation accuracy: ± 0.5%
9, test speed: 0.05 ~ 200mm / min stepless
10, Cupping test mold specifications:
• Standard punch Heading: φ20 ± 0.05mm
• Standard mat die aperture: φ33 ± 0.1mm
• Standard fixed die aperture: φ27 ± 0.05mm
Cup test mold specifications:
• Punch: dpφ32
• Die: ddφ32.28 ddφ32.35 ddφ32.43 ddφ32.50
ddφ32.60 ddφ32.75 ddφ32.90 ddφ33.05
ddφ33.20 ddφ33.35 ddφ33.50 ddφ33.80
ddφ34.10 ddφ34.50 ddφ35.00 ddφ35.60
ddφ36.30 ddφ37.00 ddφ38.50 ddφ39.80
11, the hydraulic oil: N46 hydraulic oil (generally available to the gas station).
12, the computer display: clamp load, punching pressure, displacement and Erichsen value, rate, test curve;
13, the control mode: computer automatically during the test;
14, background database using ACCES, according to user requirements to provide data transfer software for a variety of formats;
15, Dimensions: 780 * 780 * 1100 (mm)
16, power supply. AC220V. 1.5kW
17, the weight of 260Kg.