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721 spectrophotometer

721 spectrophotometer
  • 721 spectrophotometer
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721 spectrophotometer
First, the product description
High-performance raster, make stray light lower, better monochromatic performance. The new monochromator design, make the instrument more reliable and stable imported tungsten lamp, higher luminous efficiency, longer service life, low power consumption also lower. unique 4nm bandwidth, improve the instrument's test performance. Large sample room, optional cuvette placed 100mm, especially suitable for power plants, sugar mills trace analysis.
Second, the functional purpose
The meter is for general chemical colorimetric analysis of standard instruments in the visible region, conventional equipment factories, mines, hospitals, schools and research institutes than laboratories.
Three characteristics
1, Pakistan prism monochromator
2, T.A direct reading.
3. Use the matting piece, for high content colorimetric assay.
Technical Parameters
1, wavelength range: 360-800nm.
2, wavelength accuracy: ± 3nm (360 ~ 600nm).
3, the surface scale: (T) 0-100% (A) 0-2.
4, reading: meter pointer
5, the maximum optical path length: 5cm
The above parameters for reference only, subject to change without notice! Products to the company prevail in kind!
Panel Testing equipment includes: wood-based panels universal testing machine (manual, digital display, and wood-based panels universal testing machine computer control), digital electric oven blast, rolling wear test machine, plywood scratch test machine, falling ball impact Tester, 721 spectrophotometer, analytical balance, constant temperature water bath and so on!