Impact testing machine computer control

Impact testing machine computer control

Product description:

Impact testing machine computer control

Product Description:
JB-W microcomputer controlled impact testing machine is in accordance with GB / T3808-2002 and GB / T229-2007 developed a new generation of high-tech products, the impact testing machine computer control impact testing machine, used for metal materials moving performance under load shock resistance tested, metallurgical machinery and other units necessary testing equipment, but also research institutes and new materials research indispensable test equipment. The machine is Charpy impact test, using PC computer, the more reliability high PLC controller testing process, electric Yang pendulum, impact, computer measurement, calculation, the screen displays the results can be printed, high efficiency, high precision After the impact of the sample using the remaining energy automatic Yang pendulum, ready to do Save impact test in continuous impact test lab and do a lot of impact test metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, and other sectors to better reflect its superiority can display material impact absorbed energy, toughness, the pendulum Yang angle and test averages , print test reports. According to user requirements can also implement remote data transmission.

Product Details
main feature:
Significant advantage of software and operating systems
1, computer and dial displayed simultaneously, data synchronization, equipped with dual operating system, either by the computer mouse, the button box is also available for the controller to operate, without disturbing each other, flexible operation, high efficiency.
2, continuous for hundreds of root samples continuous test, manual operation simply as placing a sample and press the action button, all the rest of the work has test machine automatic completion, reduce labor intensity, eliminate manual data recording error probability, particularly suitable for a large amount of metallurgical test mining industries.
3, optional dedicated feature-rich Charpy impact test software, can automatically record the test results to the database for storage and search operations. Software running under WindowsXP, consistent user interface with Windows style Chinese window system take place, retreat pin, shock, put the test operation, etc. can be placed on the computer screen with a mouse click input or manner.

Significant advantages of electrical control section
1, in order to import PLC controller as the core electrical control system, using high-precision optical encoder as an angle sensor acquisition.
2, integrated circuit boards, maintenance easier.
3, brush clutch replace the old clutch, test, pendulum automatically take place, for the effective protection of the clutch, clutch reducing system to fight tooth damage and prolong system life.

Significant advantage of the mechanical parts
1, the host structure using advanced foreign technology design, elegant appearance, solid and durable, reasonable structure.
2, the high rigidity of the pendulum to prevent the pendulum impact test specimens After dithering.
3, using the standard Turbo reducer, high efficiency, completely avoid the transmission failure.
4, modular structure, reducing the machining and assembly areas, host accuracy greatly improved.
5, the host base and column casting process integrated design, high stability, high rigidity.
6, with photoelectric proximity switches instead of the old-fashioned mechanical limit switches, increase the stability of the equipment, pre-Yang angle constancy.

Security significant advantage
High-strength materials semi-enclosed shield pendulum entire running track is included, while preventing sample splashing being thrust wounding, the maximum to avoid the misuse of harm to the operator, to ensure safety.

Main technical specifications:

Impact energy
Impact energy range
0-150J / 0-300J
0-250J / 0-500J
Angular resolution
Dial each small cell division value
1J / 2J
2.5J / 5J
Pendulum force value (impact constant)
0-150J 0-300J
M = 80.3848N.m M = 160.7695N.m
0-250J 0-500J
M = 133.9746N.m M = 267.9492N.m
Pre pendulum Yang angle
Swing axis rotation center to the impact point (specimen center) distance
800 mm
Impact velocity
5.2m / s
5.4m / s
Specimen bearing span
Rounded jaws
Impact of the blade fillet
Sample size
55 * 10 (7.5 / 5) * 10mm
55 * 10 (7.5 / 5) * 10mm
Testing Machine Weight
Testing Machine Dimensions
2124 * 600 * 1340mm
2300 * 600 * 1400mm
power supply
Three-phase four-wire 50Hz, 380V, 180W (main motor)