Metal wire tensile testing machine

Metal wire tensile testing machine

Product description:

Metal wire tensile testing machine

First, the main purpose

WDW-A microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine is a new generation of dual-space computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine Testing machine host and aids the design draws on advanced foreign technology, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and reliable performance. The computer system by LASNOV controller, the servo motor rotation speed control system, the deceleration system deceleration after moving through the precision screw driving beam Vice rise and fall, complete specimen tensile, compression, bending, shear test a variety of mechanical properties, non-polluting, low noise, high efficiency, has a very wide speed range and beam moving distance, another test accompanied by a wide variety of configuration, the mechanical testing of metal, non-metallic, composite materials and products of respect, has a very broad application prospects. material tests and analysis It is widely used in building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber, plastics, textiles, home appliances and other industries, scientific research institutions, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, inspection arbitration other departments of the ideal test equipment.

Second, the functional characteristics:

1. Panasonic digital AC servo speed control system and AC servo motors, drives and imported high precision ball screw gear test, test speed to achieve a wide range of adjustment, complete stretch of metal and non-metallic materials such as, compression, bending, bending test, it can automatically strike the tensile strength, flexural strength, yield strength, elongation, modulus of elasticity and peel strength, and can automatically print: force - time, force - displacement curves and test Results report.

2, computer closed-loop control, automatic storage of test results, test results can be any access at any time simulation and reconstruction.

3, using the brand with a Windows computer and electronic universal testing machine special software, based on the performance parameters of the national standard or user-provided standard measuring material, the test statistics and data processing, the output print various requirements of the test curve and test report: Alternatively stress-strain, load-strain, load one time, the load-displacement, displacement for a time, the deformation curve of a variety of test time display, zoom, compare and test process monitoring, intelligent and convenient.

The main technical parameters
The biggest test of
Measuring range
0.4% -100% of the maximum test force
Accuracy of testing force
Better than ± 1% of indicated value (± 0.5% for the special selection)
Displacement Measurement
Resolution of 0.01mm
Deformation accuracy
Better than ± 1%
Speed ​​range
0.01-500mm / min
Stretch the available space
600mm or 1000mm
Host form
Arm structure (optional portal frame structure)
Host size
600 * 400 * 1650mm
About 180Kg
About 200Kg