Strand relaxation testing machine

Strand relaxation testing machine

Product description:

Strand relaxation testing machine
This series of testing machine is mainly used in steel hinge line relaxation tests can detect steel hinge wire and other metal wire slack uniaxial tensile strength and other characteristics can be widely used in quality control departments, construction units, and reinforced steel hinge line production enterprises, is the new test equipment mechanical testing of modern architecture. GB / T5224-2003 (prestressed concrete strand), GB / T10120-1996 (metal stress relaxation test method) meet

Test machine host with vertical structure, small footprint, temperature and vibration-free conditions for relaxation test requirements easily met. Test space by a screw adjustment on the beam constituted by two-column tensile test space with the table, the power transmission mechanism (by AC servo speed motor, reducer, screw vice composition) mounted below the table, load up and down movement screw driven jaw movement, enabling the sample load; force sensor mounted on the upper beam, and connected with the upper jaw seat test machine with high rigidity, ensure the accuracy of the results of the testing machine.

Strand relaxation testing machine technical parameters

1, the maximum test force: 300kN

2, test force measurement range: 6-300kN entire file, regardless

3, the test force accuracy: better than ± 1%

4, the test force resolution: each level range of 0.05% / FS

5, speed adjustment range: 0-30mm / min

6, sample size: Φ9.50; Φ11.10; Φ12.70; Φ15.20mm (nominal diameter)

7, tensile test stroke: 0-200mm

8, the test stretch space: 1000-1200mm

9, the protection function: automatically stop when exceeding the maximum test force of 2% -5%

10, the test machine host forms: vertical structure

11, power: Three-phase 380v; 3.0KW

12, the host size (length X width X height): 900x710x3000mm