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XRW-300F heat distortion and Vicat softening temperature tester

XRW-300F heat distortion and Vicat softening temperature tester
  • XRW-300F heat distortion and Vicat softening temperature tester
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XRW-300F heat distortion and Vicat softening temperature tester

A range of applications:

XRW-300F heat distortion and Vicat softening temperature tester, is to adapt to the rapid development of the plastics industry, and improve the level of research and testing of materials, using the latest international and national standards: ISO75-1: 1993 (Plastics - load deflection temperature measurement), ISO306: 1994 (Plastics - Thermoplastic Vicat softening point temperature measurement), GB / T1633-2000 (Thermoplastics measured Vicat softening point temperature), GB / T1634-2001 (Plastics - load deflection temperature Determination) designed special test equipment; microcomputer control system, stable performance, simple operation, high degree of automation, and the softening point is the temperature deformation of non-metallic materials used for the determination of domestic most advanced detection equipment.

Second, the technical parameters

1, temperature control and measurement range: (room temperature -300) ℃

2, heating rate: (120 ± 10) ℃ / h that is (12 ± 1) ℃ / 6min

(50 ± 5) ℃ / h ie (5 ± 0.5) ℃ / 6min

3, the temperature error: ± 0.5 ℃ deformation error: ± 0.01mm

4, the temperature minimum resolution: 0.1 ℃ deformation minimum resolution: 0.01mm

5, the test stand number: three (expandable)

6, the test frame span: (60-180) mm continuously adjustable (for thermal deformation test)

7, heating power: 4kW

8, the power supply voltage: AC220V / 50Hz 20A

9, the heating medium: Methyl silicone oil or transformer oil (flash point temperature of the medium should be higher than the maximum test temperature)

10, cooling method: air-cooled above 150 ℃, below 100 ℃ water cooling or natural cooling

Third, the main features

1. This machine adopts the advanced microelectronics and computer control technology, automation, procedural benefits of the product having the testing process. At the same time, but also realized several keyboard input, data processing, CRT display color curve, with a large-capacity data storage and mapping and reporting a single printing function.

2. Using a unique computer program to control a uniform heating and cooling system Cooling: natural cooling, water cooling has an upper limit temperature protection.

3, F-type test machine with automatic lifting function, simple operation and clean.

4. The test machine is the first device to make the realization of computer control, has now been escalating, user interface easy to understand, easy to operate and flexible.