Horizontal tensile testing machine

Horizontal tensile testing machine

Product description:

Horizontal tensile testing machine
SDWL-150 horizontal tensile testing machine is a specimen length of 500 ~ 3100mm, load force value 150KN industrial chain, cable, wire and other specimens Gang load test equipment.
The equipment load measured using strain sensing IC digital measurement devices. Can reliably expand tenfold measuring range.
The machine uses a given load control device, the continuous speed loading system and load measuring device form a closed loop, so that automatically maintain a preset load value in the absence of adjustment situations., And is equipped with a digital timer, the timing of the loading time.
The machine can also configure all types of measurement range 0 ~ 3000mm length measuring devices, and for users to choose, either as chain length measurement pretensioners and dual-use tester.

The main technical parameters

1, the load measuring device

Measuring range: 1st 30 ~ 150KN (available specific 500KN)
10 file 3 ~ 15KN
Accuracy: A type ± 1% (indication) B type ± 2% (indicated value)
Type C ± 1% (FS) D-type ± 2% (FS)

2, constant load control device

Fixed load Setting range: 3 ~ 150KN
Setting accuracy: A type of ± 2% (FS)
Type B ± 1% (FS)
3, digital timer:
When the meter range: 0 ~ 24H
Resolution: 1S
4, length measuring devices: (user option)
Measuring range: 1 ~ 3000mm
Measurement accuracy: A Grade Level 0.02 0.01 B
Class C 0.05 D grade 0.1
Resolution: A grade 0.01
5, pre-pull stroke: 200mm
6, motor: AC single phase 220V 1000W
7, the whole machine weight: 800kg