XQ-2B metallographic specimen mounted machine

XQ-2B metallographic specimen mounted machine

Product description:

XQ-2B metallographic specimen mounted machine

Mounted machine under the following conditions can be reliably work:

1. not more than 1000 meters above sea level;
2. The ambient temperature does not exceed +40 degrees Celsius, do not end at -10 degrees Celsius;
3. Air relative humidity less than 85% (at 20 degrees Celsius);
4. There is no noticeable vibration and significant bumps;
No pilot voltage dust, explosive gases, and can seriously damage the metal and insulation corrosive gases 5. around

Test machine features:

This machine is mechanically mounted, rotary hand wheel outside the body, through a pair of bevel gear driven screw body so that pressing a sample of the lower mold die case just move up and down together with the hot plastic because the test specimen mounted in like forming under heating conditions. The sample preparation process molding pressure within fixed in the collective spring automatic compensation, by the pressure of the sample signal suppression give instructions.
The mosaic machine configuration digital temperature control, enabling real-time temperature display and temperature independent settings, configure the timer, and in order to achieve the kind of semi-automated system, greatly improving the work efficiency. Every mosaic sample preparation time 8- 10 minutes, the sample can be obtained over a smooth mirror such.

Technical Specifications:

1. Sample suppress specifications Ø22 * 15mm; Ø30 * 15mm; Ø45 * 18mm
2. Specifications 650W 220V heater
3. Temperature adjustment range 100-180 ℃
The control supply voltage fluctuation is less than ± 15%, 220V, 50Hz
5. Dimensions 340X270X400mm
6. Net weight 33Kg