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XNR-400 C melt flow rate tester

XNR-400 C melt flow rate tester
  • XNR-400 C melt flow rate tester
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XNR-400 C melt flow rate tester

I. Introduction

XNR-400C-type melt flow rate instrument is in accordance with GB / T3682-2000, ASTM D1238-98 standard, and see the JB / T5456 ISO1133 and similar design and manufacturing standards for measuring quality thermoplastic melt flow rate (MFR) and Melt volume-flow (MVR) instrument measuring melt flow rate, using automatic sampling, cutting period of time by the MCU control, weighing scales manner; melt volume flow rate is measured by the displacement sensor and automatic timing system, the first measure the time required for the piston moves a predetermined distance, then according to the formula to calculate the volumetric flow rate. The end result of two methods to print out the mini-printer output. The instrument measurement data is accurate, simple, intuitive, stable and reliable performance, it applies not only to the higher melting temperature of polycarbonate (PC), fluorine plastic, nylon and other engineering plastics, it is also used in the polyethylene (PE), ABS resin, low melting temperature of the plastic test, widely used in plastics production, plastic products, petroleum and chemical industries as well as universities, research institutes, commodity inspection department.

Second, the main technical parameters:
1. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 400 ℃ continuously adjustable and fixed temperature.
2. Temperature accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃ Resolution: 0.1 ℃
3. Die diameter: Φ2.095 ± 0.005mm
4. Standard operator charge: 3.187-211.82N divided into eight
5. Measurement Method: Quality Law, Volume Method

6. Display: color touch screen display

7. Cut material way: Automatic cut material

8. Experimental Data: Automatic Print
9. Power: 220V, 50HZ
10. Thermal power: 450W

Third, the standard : GB / T9643 GB / T3682 JB / T5456 ISO1133