HR-150AI new Rockwell hardness tester

HR-150AI new Rockwell hardness tester

Product description:

HR-150AI new Rockwell hardness tester

product manual

HR-150AI Rockwell hardness tester is improved on the basis of HR-150A Rockwell hardness on the most popular with users of Rockwell hardness testing instrument. HR-150AI Rockwell hardness tester has a simple structure and reasonable precision stable and accurate, installation using simple, low failure rate, easy maintenance and many other advantages, the majority of users Rockwell hardness test of choice. this can be used to measure the hardness of tungsten carbide, hardened steel and unquenched Rockwell hardness of steel is widely used in factories, research institutes and universities test chamber.

Main technical specifications

Measuring range : 20-88HRA, 20-100HRB, 20-70HRC

Test: 588.4980.71471 Newton ( 60,100,150 kilograms force)

Sample maximum allowable height : 170 mm

Pressure head center to wall distance : 135 mm

Hardness Resolution : 0.5HR

Dimensions : 466x238x630 mm

Weight: 80 kg

Main accessories

Ohira test sets: a diamond cone indenter : 1

Xiaoping test sets: a φ1.588 mm ball indenter : 1

Large V -shaped test sets: a standard Rockwell hardness block : 5