HLN160 Leeb hardness tester

HLN160 Leeb hardness tester

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HLN160 Leeb hardness tester

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HLN160 Portable Leeb hardness tester can quickly and easily measure a variety of multi-metal material hardness value (HL, HRC, HRB, HRA, HB, HV, HS). The product is a full Chinese display, user-friendly interface, rich content, text and graphics beautiful, clear, generous, is not affected by voltage fluctuations. To ensure accuracy, the calibration software and hardware calibration with a dual function, can be equipped with seven impact device, a host of automatic identification, recalibrate replace when not needed. factory After several rigorous precision processing program, higher accuracy, the measured value is more stable. with micro printer, in addition to having a preset tolerance limit, limit alarm, display the clock and other functions, it is intelligent high hardness testing equipment.

The main purpose

Mass production process, hardness testing product.

Site hardness testing after installation of mechanical or permanent assembly parts.

Hardness testing of heavy workpieces.

The hardness of the mold cavity detection.

Mechanical components hardness testing small spaces.

Pressure vessel, turbine generator and equipment failure analysis.

Bearings and other parts.

Metal warehouse material distinction.

Hardness testing annealing, tempering, quenching and other heat treatment.

Technical Parameters

Measuring range: 150HLD ~ 960HLD.

Test direction: 360 ℃.

Test material: 10 kinds.

Hardness scale: HL HRC HRB HRA HB HV HS.

Display: large screen dot matrix LCD.

Data storage: 500 groups (impact times 1-26).

Upper and lower setting range: Same as measuring range.

Software calibration: ± 15HLD.

Hardware calibration: ± 30HLD.

Operating voltage: 4.7V ~ 6.0V.

Charging time: 6 ~ 8h.

Continuous working time: about 40 hours.

Communication interface: RS232.

Dimensions (L * W * H): 240 * 86 * 47mm.

Weight: about 675g.