GWA-600B electro-hydraulic servo-type strand dedicated test machine

GWA-600B electro-hydraulic servo-type strand dedicated test machine

Product description:

GWA-600B electro-hydraulic servo-type strand dedicated test machine

First, the function uses:

This machine is designed to test the mechanical properties of prestressing steel strand, the machine is equipped with Lenovo computers, HP printers, large-gauge electronic extensometer, optical encoder and fully functional universal test software, you can easily complete test function; Comes with a special extended nip ensure strand intermediate test specimen fracture thereby further improving the success rate of the test results can query and print (force - displacement, force - deformation, stress - displacement, stress - deformation, force - time, Deformation - time) six curves and related test data, with the software self-test function, can self-diagnose, Sees the software can be measured strand tensile strength, non-proportional extension strength, elastic modulus, elongation. and other mechanical properties is an ideal testing equipment and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, engineering quality supervision station and other departments.

Second, the technical parameters:


The biggest test of



Entire file, regardless equivalent 4 block

Test Force showed the relative error


Deformation Accuracy

± 0.5% FS

Stretching space


Compression space


Clamping methods

Automatic clamping

Clamping diameter of round specimen

15.20mm (Other specifications reprovision)

Upper and lower platen size


Stretching space two pillars distance


Host Dimension mm


net weight