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Electro-hydraulic impact notch broaching

Electro-hydraulic impact notch broaching
  • Electro-hydraulic impact notch broaching
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Electro-hydraulic impact notch broaching

Product Description:
Impact notch broaching machine is the only tool in addition to domestic optical curve grinder can be processed outside qualified notch Since forming processing principle, the processing of the identity gap good. The broach broaching use W18Cr4V manufacturing, high hardness, wear resistance, each cutter can process up to 20,000 samples. meet GB / T229-2007 (metal Charpy pendulum impact test methods) (instead of GB2106-80) standard requirements, if changes relevant and important structure and replacement parts, which can meet the ASTME23-02a, EN10045, ISO148 and other foreign standards once processed two V-shaped or U-shaped notch. Just 8 seconds, the operation is extremely simple and reliable. Standard notch depth are 2mm ± 0.05, the sample notch broaching face orientation method using a sample, the sample length was 55 1/2 center position, if the length of size 55 is inconsistent, they can always be positioned adjusted at the factory has been adjusted by 55 Great.
Technical Parameters:
Model CSL-B / CSL-Y
Notch shape Standard: V2 type, U2 type (U3 / U5mm special order)
Processing the sample size 10 * 10 (7.5 / 5) * 55mm
Electro-hydraulic cutting mode
Broach stroke 350mm
Broach material W18Cr4V
Power Source 380V, 0.37Kw
Dimensions 650 * 400 * 1200mm
Weight 180kg