HR-150A Rockwell hardness tester

HR-150A Rockwell hardness tester

Product description:

HR-150A Rockwell hardness tester

product manual

The hardness can be measured can be used to determine carbide. Hardened steel and unquenched steel Rockwell hardness values ​​are widely used in factories, research institutes and universities test chamber.

Main technical specifications

Measuring range : 20-88HRA, 20-100HRB, 20-70HRC

Test: 588.4980.71471 Newton ( 60,100,150 kilograms force)

Sample maximum allowable height : 170 mm

Pressure head center to wall distance : 135 mm

Hardness Resolution : 0.5HR

Dimensions : 466x238x630 mm

Weight: about 86 kg

Main accessories

Ohira test sets: a diamond cone indenter : 1

Xiaoping test sets: a φ1.588 mm ball indenter : 1

Large V -shaped test sets: a standard Rockwell hardness block : 5