WDW-100H computer control ring stiffness Tester

WDW-100H computer control ring stiffness Tester

Product description:

WDW-100H computer control ring stiffness Tester

Meet the testing machine (GB/T14201-93 method for determination of compressive strength of iron ore pellets) requirement to measure melting of iron ore pellets compression strength. The machine can also be used for other metals, non-metallic and composite materials mechanical property testing and analysis, widely used in foundry, metallurgy, mining and other industries.

Can show the maximum test force value, for breaking force, displacement and other data, with the end features such as automatic return. The testing machine based on AC servo motor as a power source, liquid crystal display real-time status display test data and test, the test process control is realized by single chip computer automatic control.


WDW series ball pressure testing machine

The biggest test of



Testing machine

1 levels

Testing force precision


Displacement precision

Better than ± 1%

Test speed range

1-300mm /min

Effective width test


Effective working space


Fixture configuration

Pellet auxiliary special compression set

Power supply

220V±10%, 1KW

Work environment

Room 10-35℃Humidity 20%-80%