XHR-150 plastic Rockwell hardness tester

XHR-150 plastic Rockwell hardness tester

Product description:

XHR-150 plastic Rockwell hardness tester

product manual

XHR-150 plastic Rockwell hardness test by measuring indentation depth method, the hardness value directly read out by the instruction sheet, so easy to operate, easy to grasp, and high efficiency. Adapted to detect a batch of parts, with this hardness diameter 3.175 diameter 12.7 mm diameter 6.35 indenter. applicable to the hardness of plastic composite materials and various friction materials and soft metals, non-metallic materials, such as measurement, using a wide range .

Measuring range : 70-100HRE, 50-115HRL, HRM, HRP, RR, HRS, HRV.

Test force : 588.4 980.7 1471 Newton ( 60,100,150 kilograms force)

Shape allow maximum height : 170 mm

Pressure head center to Bi distance: 135 mm

Dimensions : 466x238x630

Weight: about 86 kg

Main accessories

Ohira test sets: a φ3.175 mm ball indenter : 1

Xiaoping test sets: a φ6.35, φ12.7 mm ball indenter : 1

Large V -shaped test sets: a standard plastic Rockwell hardness blocks: 4