HLN200 Leeb hardness tester

HLN200 Leeb hardness tester

Product description:

HLN200 Leeb hardness tester

HLN200 Leeb hardness tester can quickly and easily measure a variety of multi-metal material hardness value (HL, HRC, HRB, HRA, HB, HV, HS). The product uses large LCD (320 * 240), the whole Chinese display, user-friendly interface, rich content, text and graphics beautiful, clear, generous, is not affected by voltage fluctuations. To ensure accuracy, the calibration software and hardware calibration with a dual function, can be equipped with seven impact devices, automatic identification of the host recalibrate the replacement is not necessary. In addition comes with pre-set tolerance limits, limit alarm, display the clock and other functions, suitable for field-volume measurements.

Leeb hardness tester is mainly used for:

1 hardness testing, mass production process of products, the general standard set that can achieve testing requirements

2, hardness testing annealing, tempering, quenching and other heat treatment, when selection required if there is hardening layer should be noted that the thickness of the hardened layer, a hardened layer is too thin then need to select the C-type impact device

3, note that its hardness bearing diameter bearing inspection, if the diameter is too small you need to select the ring-shaped support

4. If the gear is too small you need to select the gear DL impact device Hardness Testing

5, when the casting is detected, if the performance finish treatment difficult, you need to select G type impact device.

HLN200 Leeb hardness tester technical parameters:

Measuring range:

(150-960) HLD. (17-68.5) HRC. (19-651) HB. (80-976) HV. (30-100) HS. (59-85) HRA. (13-100) HRB

Test direction of 360 ℃

10 kinds of test material

Conversion Leeb hardness (HL) Rockwell (HRC HRB HRA) Brinell (HB) Vickers (HV) Shore (HS)

Large dot matrix LCD display screen (320 * 240).

Data storage 250 groups (impact times of 1 to 26)

Setting range with upper and lower measuring range

Software calibration range ± 15HLD

Hardware calibration range ± 30HLD

Operating voltage 3.3V

Continuous working time of about 40h (without backlight)

RS232 communication interface standard

Dimensions (160 * 80 * 42) mm

Weight Approx. 0.3kg (host).