WDL series of computer-controlled electronic tensile testing machine

WDL series of computer-controlled electronic tensile testing machine

Product description:

WDL series of computer-controlled electronic tensile testing machine (single column)

First, the main purpose

WDL microcomputer controlled electronic tensile testing machine host and aids the design draws on advanced foreign technology, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and reliable performance. The computer system by the controller, the servo motor rotation speed control system, the deceleration system deceleration After moving through the precision screw driving beam Vice rise and fall, complete specimen tensile, compression, bending a variety of mechanical properties, shear test, no pollution, low noise, high efficiency, has a very wide speed range and beam moving distance, another test accompanied by a wide variety of configuration, in metal, non-metallic, mechanical testing of composite materials and products, respect, has a very broad application prospects. It is widely used in building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, material tests and analysis of wire and cable, rubber, plastics, textiles, home appliances and other industries, scientific research institutions, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, inspection and arbitration department of the ideal test equipment.

Second, product performance characteristics

Third, the technical parameters:

Test force measurement range (kN)
Accuracy of testing force
Better than ± 1% of indicated value
Test Force Resolution
The biggest test of the 1/300000
Displacement relative error
Of better than ± 0.5%
Beam displacement measurement resolution
0.01 mm
Crosshead speed range
0.05mm / min ~ 500 mm / min, stepless, arbitrarily set
Effective test space (mm)
220V ± 10%, 50Hz
220V ± 10%, 50Hz
working environment
10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, relative humidity less than 80%
The main configuration
AC servo motor and speed control system
Imported AC servo motor and speed control system
Host Dimension (mm)
Weight (kg)

The machine by AC servo motor drive crosshead, imported photoelectric encoder displacement measurement. Product configuration, all-digital multi-channel closed-loop control system. Is the application of the latest generation and control systems in many advanced professional and technical development, the control software can automatically seek take tensile strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, non-proportional extension strength RP0.2 other conventional data; can achieve three closed-loop control; real-time display during the test force - various experimental strain - displacement, force - time, stress curves, and can automatically switch at any time, observed and compared. computer control system test process control and data processing in full compliance with the respective national standard requirements.
Automatically cleared, automatic transmission or, regardless of file, automatic calibration, automatic save, the choice of a single or multi-step programmable control mode for testing. Automatic shutdown after specimen fracture, the test data is automatically saved, automatic analysis and assisted manual analysis , batch test, batch processing, automated statistical results. The interface is beautiful, functional, expand convenient, easy to operate, safe and reliable.