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WDS-30 LCD electronic tensile testing machine

WDS-30 LCD electronic tensile testing machine
  • WDS-30 LCD electronic tensile testing machine
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WDS-30 LCD electronic tensile testing machine
First, the main purposes:
This series of tensile testing machine for tensile testing of rubber, plastics, textiles, waterproofing materials, wire and cable, network wire, metal wire, metal rods, metal plates and other materials, do to increase accompanied compression, bending tests having test Force figures show that the test speed continuously adjustable sample pulled off automatic shutdown, peak hold functions.
Second, the functions and features:
1) using high-precision, fully digital speed control system and precision reducer, driving precision screw vice test, test speed to achieve a wide range of adjustment, the test process, low noise, smooth operation.
2) Touch key operation, LCD display real-time display display screen can display test method selection screen, select the interface test parameters, test operation and results display and curve display interface, and convenient.
3) When the specimen clamping beam speed of upward and downward adjustments, with overload protection and other functions.
4) Optional computer interface, external computer for control and data storage testing process printing.
Third, the main technical indicators:
1, the maximum test force: 30KN;
2. Range: 0N-30KN;
3. Accuracy of testing force; better than ± 1%
4, the displacement resolution: 0.01mm;
5, the displacement measurement accuracy: better than ± 1%;
6, the tensile stroke: 650mm (can be increased)
7, the compression stroke: 650mm (can be increased)
8. Test stroke: 650mm (can be increased)
9, the displacement speed control range: 0.01mm / min ~ 500mm / min
10, displacement speed control accuracy: better than ± 1%;
11, the test machine level: better than one
12, deformation indication error: ≤ ± (50 + 0.15L)
13, the test machine size: 740 * 500 * 1840 mm
14, Appearance: compliance with GB / T2611 requirements
15, Complete Set: meet the standard requirements
16, the protection function: test machine with overload protection
17, power supply: 220V, 50Hz
18, Weight: 300KG