Nasi Nuo ███WEW-1000D computer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine

Nasi Nuo ███WEW-1000D computer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine

Product description:

Nasi Nuo ███WEW-1000D computer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine

Computer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly used for metal, stretch of non-metallic materials, compression, bending and shear and other mechanical properties test, the machine is equipped with computers, printers, electronic extensometer, optical encoder and general test software, can accurately determine the metal material tensile strength, yield strength, mechanical properties of non-proportional extension strength, elongation, modulus of elasticity and other test results can query and print (force - displacement, force - deformation, stress - displacement, stress - deformation, force - time distortion - time) six curves and related test data, with the software self-test function, can self-diagnose, see the software industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, engineering quality supervision station. departments of the ideal testing equipment.

Technical Parameters:

The biggest test of kN: 1000

Test Force showed the relative error: ≤ ± 1%

Test Force Resolution: 0.01kN

Deformation measurement accuracy mm: ± 0.5% FS

Maximum tensile test space mm: 700

Maximum compression space mm: 380

Round specimen clamping jaw diameter mm: Φ13-Φ40

Flat specimen clamping jaw thickness mm: 0-15

Maximum clamping width flat specimen mm: 75

Shear specimen diameter mm: 10mm (Alternative)

Upper and lower platen size: φ160mm (Replacement of 204 * 204mm)

The maximum distance between the fulcrum bending mm: 450mm

Stretching space two pillars distance mm: 450mm

Pump motor power: 1.1kW

Pistons maximum speed mm / min: 50

Clamping: automatic clamping

Beam moves up and down motor power: 0.75kW

Host Dimension mm: 890 * 660 * 2200

Weight: 2600Kg

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