Free ShippingCrystal Clear Wine Glasses Creative Vampire Wine Glass Red Wine Juice Cup Straw Cup Wine Cup

Free ShippingCrystal Clear Wine Glasses Creative Vampire Wine Glass Red Wine Juice Cup Straw Cup Wine Cup

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Creative vampire style , suitable for red wine , orange juice and other beverages, tobacco pipes design , as long as gently suction cup can enjoy delicious !

[Name] Vampire glass

[ capacity ] 400ml
[Size]About 14cm cup diameter of about 5.5cm

[ heat ] -20 ° C to 150 ° C
[Process] pure hand-blown

[color] transparent

[ Introduction ]What is more important than safety ! This section vampire glass using lead-free borosilicate glass , safe and lead-free , use more secure . Borosilicate glass is thinner and lighter than normal glass products , excellent heat resistance and weather resistance than normal glass products . The vampire story released in full swing , let us come together to experience it .

[ Features ] using borosilicate green glass , crystal clear , in-store stringent international quality control standards , non-inventory , and two comparable products . Creative vampire style , suitable for red wine , fruit juice and other beverages, the special straw design, elegant enjoy a cup of delicious .

  • Notice
    In today s ever - changing variety of materials , thick and thin of the thesis has everything instead .
  • Beer bottles , liquor bottles , old-fashioned heavy - bottomed glassware for the production of caustic soda recovery type glass frit , the vintage glass material can be repeatedly used and leaded nor heat .
  • Ming Hin products used in borosilicate glass is a new type of environmental protection, non-recyclable disposable expensive glass material .
  • Such glass without any radioactive metal is so far only used in scientific experimentsSecurityEnvironmentally friendlyGlass .
  • Because of the borosilicate glass is nonporous structure characteristics , brewed into tea can maintain maximum authentic tea can be described as a great benefit to human health .
  • Please note !Maximum characteristics of borosilicate glass is thin, hard , lead-free . This thin and light feel and characteristics are due to the expansion rate and the heat transfer performance is the performance of its excellent performance , not cut corners !

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33cm x 33cm x 33cm