Calcium cyanide

Calcium cyanide

Product description:

CAS NO .: 13821-08-4
English name : Calciumferrocyanide (6CI);
Appearance : colorless crystal or white powder, industrial grayish black flakes, bitter taste.
Melting point (℃): 350 ( decomposition )
Formula : C6Ca2FeN6
Molecular Weight: 192.11
Solubility: soluble in water.
Properties : non-combustible by contact with heat or acid will have highly toxic cyanide gas and nitrate, nitrite, perchlorate violent reaction, the risk of explosion.
Lu met acid or home air can absorb moisture and carbon dioxide decomposition of highly toxic hydrogen cyanide gas.
Calcium cyanamide and carbon from the molten salt obtained in the presence of .
Content: 98%
Uses: used in electroplating, cyanide amides, fumigation Fight citrus insecticides, cereal disinfectants, flotation beneficiation inhibitors, and extraction of gold and silver .
Packing : 100kg / barrel
Price: 10,000 yuan / ton