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Red mercuric oxide (c elixir) in stock

Red mercuric oxide (c elixir) in stock
  • Red mercuric oxide (c elixir) in stock
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CAS No .: 21908-53-2
Chinese Alias: red mercuric oxide, tri elixir
English Name: mercuric oxide
EINECS Number: 244-654-7
InChI: InChI = 1 / Hg O / rHgO / c1-2.
Mercury + oxygen → (heating) mercuric oxide
Chemical formula: HgO
Molecular Weight: 216.59
Characters: Team bright red or orange-red scaly crystal or crystalline powder when the powder is very fine yellow odorless decomposition when exposed to light into mercury and oxygen....
At 400 ℃ become almost black, still red when cooled, 500 ℃ decomposed into mercury and oxygen. Dissolved in dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute nitric acid, cyanide alkali and alkaline iodide solution
Bromide lye dissolved slowly, almost insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol. The relative density of 11.14. Toxic, lethal dose (rat, oral) 18mg / kg. Irritation.
Nature: There are two variants: one is red mercuric oxide, bright red powder, density: 11.00-11.29
One is yellow mercuric oxide, orange powder, the relative density of 11.03 (275 ℃).
The former can be used as a pigment, a catalyst, an organic mercury compound prepared, which have antibacterial activity, it can be used for ocular surface inflammation.
The role of the light slowly goes dark black, toxic! The fire, the temperature reaches at 500 ℃ will become mercury mercuric oxide decomposition when released
Oxygen (chemical equation for the 2HgO = heating = 2Hg + O2 ↑). If the heating temperature is lower than the decomposition temperature, color black, cold and then restore its original color. Almost
Do not dissolve in water and ethanol, dissolved in nitric acid and hydrochloric acid to form the high mercury salts.
As oxidants, and the system for organic mercury compounds, pharmaceutical preparations, analytical reagents, ceramics pigments
Mercury and mercuric oxide by oxygen in 300 ~ 350 ° C thermal decomposition reaction of mercury nitrate can generate red mercuric oxide:. 2Hg (NO3) 2─ → 2HgO + 4NO2 + O2.
Red mercuric oxide is heated by a mercury nitrate or mercury nitrate mixed with mercury were generated from heat. Yellow mercuric oxide from the sodium (potassium) or sodium carbonate (K) acting on nitrate mercury or mercuric chloride and prepared.
Safety measures: Leak: Isolation leak contaminated areas, restricting access proposed emergency personnel wearing self-absorption filter Hu, wearing chemical protective clothing Do not direct contact with leakage.
. Was small leak: Dust to avoid using cleaner shovel collection in a dry, clean, covered containers within a lot of leakage: recycling or collection shipped to the waste disposal sites.
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