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How much mercury (Hg) factory outlets

How much mercury (Hg) factory outlets
  • How much mercury (Hg) factory outlets
Product code: 21642400001
Unit price: 170 CNY  (24.68 USD)
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CAS NO: 7439-97-6
Aliases: Mercury
Price: 170 yuan / kg
Packaging: 34.5 kg / barrel
Content: 99.9%
Mercury - the characteristics of the material properties of mercury
Density, hardness: 13.57904 kg / m31.5
Color and Appearance: Silver
Melting point: 234.32 K (-38.83 C)
Boiling point: 629.88 K (356.73 C)
Molar volume: 14.09 10-6 m3 / mol
Heat of vaporization: 59.229 kJ / mol
Heat of fusion: 2.295 kJ / mol
Vapor pressure: 0.0002 Pa (234 K)
Sound Velocity: 1407 m / s (293.15K)
Other properties
Electronegativity: 2.00 Pauling scale
Specific heat: 140 J / (kg K)
Conductivity: 1.04 106 / (M Ohm)
Thermal conductivity: 8.34 W / (m K)
The first ionization energy: 1007.1 kJ / mol
The second ionization energy: 1810 kJ / mol
Third ionization energy: 3300 kJ / mol
The most stable isotope
Customs code: 2805400000
Dangerous Goods Code: 83505
UN Number: 2809
Packing: Load the law enamel steel tanks, each tank net weight 34.5kg, steel cans in a sturdy wooden box, carton jar.
Uses: Widely used in electrical instrumentation industry, manufacturing mercury rectifier equipment, mercury vacuum pumps, measurement and control instruments.
In the lighting industry, for the manufacture of a variety of lamps, fluorescent, ultraviolet medical temperature is in the chemical industry metallurgical smelting, has a wide range of uses.