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Potassium cyanide (cyanide, kaempferol potassium)

Potassium cyanide (cyanide, kaempferol potassium)
  • Potassium cyanide (cyanide, kaempferol potassium)
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CAS No .: 151-50-8
Chinese name: Potassium commonly known as kaempferol: cyanide
English name of chemicals: potassium cyanide
Technical Manual Code: 820
Molecular formula: KCN
Molecular Weight: 65.11
Density 1.857g / cm ^ 3, the boiling point of 1497 ℃, melting point 563 ℃.
Appearance: White spherical lump, granular or crystalline powder, poisonous deliquescent, there is the smell of hydrogen cyanide (bitter almond smell)
Deliquescence in moist air and release small amounts of hydrogen cyanide gas. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol solution is strongly alkaline, and soon hydrolysis.
Contact with skin wounds or inhalation of micro-powder can be poisoned to death. In contact with the acid decomposition can release toxic hydrogen cyanide gas, mixed with chlorate or sodium nitrite can explode.
The chemicals have high drama. Poison, use require very careful composition, composition information
Uses: Uses the same with sodium cyanide, sodium cyanide can be common during plating more than the highly conductive properties, coating delicate, etc., the use of more appropriate, but more expensive.
Flotation is used to extract gold, silver and heat treatment of steel, the manufacture of organic nitriles. Analytical chemistry as reagents. In addition, for photography, etching, lithography and so on.
Content: 99.5%
Risk category: one of the most poisonous toxic drugs (the most toxic polonium.), As from the mouth into the body, instant death...
Regulatory Type: potassium cyanide (toxic) (XZ)
Packaging: 5 kg / bottle
Price: 2500 yuan / kg