Supply stores paper Duitou

Supply stores paper Duitou

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History : part of the selling point display production ( Hong Kong) Limited Shenzhen selling Packing Products Co. was founded in 2006, six years to the company headquarters and customer support at fast Meng development, a dozen people from a small factory to the staff hundreds, fixed assets 5000W, annual exports nearly 200 million of industry leaders, and to develop a more robust pace up .

Prospects : The company fully develop the domestic market, we are committed in the country spread advanced ideas, create high-quality printing and packaging design services and top quality products, we hope that their own efforts to make domestic packaging exhibition industry has entered a new stage, can there are more of a selling point ;

2012 is selling stand united struggle of the year, is a selling point for domestic customers comprehensive strategy to open a year, we believe our efforts will be for you to add more of a selling point !

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