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Shenzhen selling paper display rack

Shenzhen selling paper display rack
  • Shenzhen selling paper display rack
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Paper paper display rack, paper Duitou, display racks display Duitou Preferred - Shenzhen selling paper Chin Shenzhen selling design store display at home and abroad according to aesthetic rules and consumers of a series of works to better help the store make foods! store display better results! we have with a number of domestic and foreign food enterprises to cooperate! help them do a better sales! selling showpiece Ltd is a professional display products terminal stores the development of paper production business entities Specializing in the production of paper required for terminal store shelf, paper display, paper display rack, paper display boxes, paper Duitou, paper promotional rack, paper promotional Taiwan, the paper licensing legislation, paper inserted card, listing paper, paper image display cabinets and other types of paper POP display products. Paper shelf main material for the production of printing paper and high hardness cardboard, durable, low cost, short production cycle, easy disassembly transport, recyclable, environmental pollution. Our display The major products serve the food, oil, clothing, sporting goods, IT products, daily necessities, automotive supplies, books, etc., has spread to all walks of life. We can, according to the CIS system, free to design the perfect display products featured exhibition, with customers CI and propaganda slogans, the product eye-catching display in front of the public, that the expansion of the publicity, and unified the company's image is more effective to improve the company's brand position in the public and, thus, more Great value for money. Contact QQ1758321410 telephone 13113009897 email sales08 @ 51displays. com / m / mikezhang / index.html