Silica gel insoles | transparent | within stealth insoles | Men Women increased pad layer 357

Silica gel insoles | transparent | within stealth insoles | Men Women increased pad layer 357

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Brand: Amoy love thinking
  • Product Number: A01
  • Color Classification: silicone layer 3 <一雙> Silicone layer 5 <一雙> Silicone Layer 7<一雙>

One pair free shipping (Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are not shipping overseas)

Many people say that the so-called 3-layer increases 3cm, five increased 5cm, the intentions of their friends can actually measure did not even so high, we, with integrity of heart at the lowest price in return pro. Parents can choose according to their needs insole.

Silicone three layers:

Composition: increased pad massage pad + 2 = 8mm + 6mm + 6mm = 2 Limi

Width: about 5.5CM

5 silica layer increased about 3.5 centimeters

7 silica gel layer increased about 4.5 centimeters.

Unisex, suitable for use loose shoes

Texture: silicone (colorless)

Standing long time suitable for everyday people,

Go for a long time and long-distance road everyday people

I would like to quietly make their height was significantly higher in people

Participate in various public occasions, people would like to own more diminutive or somewhat higher

When the opposite sex on the first date and to give each other a more satisfactory impression

Blind date, dating, participate relatives, friends wedding, attend performances, go to important meetings, participate in job interviews and other occasions when the child was small person;

Upper leg was shorter than the man;

To make himself more high Tiao people

One leg over the other leg? About  sputum na?

For all men and women sports shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes, allowing you to immediately increased.

'Elastic pad' to play the role of foot massage, so when you walk alleviate foot pain and fatigue

The maximum increase 3.3 cm, and a height adjustable, with the height of the shoes themselves, after the pad insoles, can be increased at least 7 cm or more, and very soft and comfortable

Not easily deformed, easy to wear, can be different styles of shoes turns pad use, durable, real. I bought one pair of insoles to make your chin up confidence increased a hundredfold.