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PCC series of passive isolation transmitter | one into a

PCC series of passive isolation transmitter | one into a
  • PCC series of passive isolation transmitter | one into a
Product code: 21593400001
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Whether to provide custom processing: It is Brand: zoge
model: PCC-22S transmitter is a passive isolation into a Measuring range: 4 ~ 20mA
measurement accuracy: 0.1% F.S size: 12.5 (mm)
power supply: 4 ~ 20mA
product Overview:
PCC series of passive isolation transmitter, is the current signal of 4 ~ 20mA output electrically isolated post isolated transmitter, to achieve the industrial field without a DC voltage power supply can be a current signal isolation and conversion, thus solving the job site signal interference. This product uses advanced isolation technology inputs and outputs are isolated, with high output accuracy, high linearity and temperature drift characteristics of small ..
Technical Parameters:
• Input signal: 4 ~ 20mA
• Input voltage drop: (3V / DC (at 20mA output signal)
• Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA
• Output Accuracy: 0.1% F.S
• load capacity: ≤350Ω (at 20mA output signal)
• Isolation Voltage: 3000V / DC (test time 60S, leakage current ≤1mA)
• Temperature drift: 0.0035% F.S
• Power supply: no
• Ambient temperature: -25 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃
• Installation: Standard DIN35 rail mounting international
• Industrial automation and control systems
• Standard 4 ~ 20mA current signal isolation and conversion
• Medical electronic equipment
• Power Monitoring
• Instrumentation and PLC signal reception
• Industrial field current signal transmission

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