Long-distance transmission isolation transmitter VIT-625-G

Long-distance transmission isolation transmitter VIT-625-G

Product description:

Custom processing: It is Brand: zoge
model: VIT-625-G distance transmission isolation transmitter measurement accuracy: 0.1%
size: 99.9x115 (mm) weight: 0.3 (kg)
power supply: 24v
product Overview:
Czech VIT series is the joint creation of professional development for the long-distance transmission isolation transmitter, it
It analog input voltage or current signal, after isolation, modulation, demodulation after
It can be long-distance transmission.
Between the input signal, output signal, power supply isolated from each other, with an output accuracy
High, high linearity and temperature drift characteristics.
Technical Parameters:
• Output Signal: 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA
• Quarantine Distribution: None
• Input signal: 0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V, 4 ~ 20mA
• Input impedance: 10KΩ
• load capacity: ≤1250Ω
• Temperature drift: 35ppm / F.S
• Isolation voltage: 2500V / DC
• Output Accuracy: 0.1% F.S
• Supply voltage: 12V, 24V
• Ambient temperature: -25 ℃ ~ + 71 ℃
• Installation: Standard DIN35 rail mounting international
Applications range:
• Industrial automation and control systems
• Standard 4 ~ 20mA current signal isolation converters
• Medical electronic equipment
• Power Monitoring
• Instrumentation and PLC signal reception
• Industrial field current signal transmission
Selection Guide:
Wiring diagram: