KA105 IGBT Driver

KA105 IGBT Driver

Product description:

Power : 15W Type: Driver IC Device Type : IGBT single tube driver
Model : KA105 Brand : LMY Package : IGBT single tube driver

Fall New Release KA105 large power source IGBT drive

Date: 2013-04-1802 : 42: 50

TX-KA105 large power IGBT drive
• large power IGBT single tube driver, maximum output power 15W, current 40A, maximum output charge 40uC.
• three- perfect over-current protection, the first drop gate voltage, further delay judgment, the implementation of soft turn-off really short and short-circuit channel blockade
Number to perform a complete protection process.
• You need to set the gate resistance and short circuit protection threshold .
• using a single 24V power source .
• IGBT gate charge and discharge rate can be adjusted separately .

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