RTT25255-GM PT100 temperature transmitter 0-100 ℃ accuracy 0.1%

RTT25255-GM PT100 temperature transmitter 0-100 ℃ accuracy 0.1%

Product description:

Type: Resistance temperature transducerModel: RTT25255-GM
Measurement accuracy: 0.1 (℃) Output signal: 0-5V
Brand: OtherWorking voltage: 24 (V)
Customized processing: YeahMeasuring range: 0-100 (℃)

RTT series temperature transmitter

Product overview:
RTT series temperature transmitter thermal resistance, is the thermal resistance of industrial field signal, after isolating converted to voltage or current signals to the control room. The products adopt advanced technology with low temperature drift, high linearity. The power supply of the module, the input signal, the output signal is between three isolated, widely used in temperature conversion and the industrial field temperature control system.
Technical parameters:
• High accuracy: 0.1%F.S (output voltage of 10V)
(When an output current of 20mA)
• Precision: 0.1%F.S
• Temperature drift: 35ppm/F.S
• Isolation voltage: 1500V/DC (test time 60 seconds, the leakage current (1mA)
• Ambient temperature:-25 c ~+71 c
• Installation: standard DIN35 rail installation

Main parameters:
• Input types: PT10, PT100, PT1000, CU50, CU100. (Custom)
• Output signal: 0~5V. 0~10V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA. (Custom)
• Operating voltage: 12V/DC, 15V/DC 24V/DC
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Product list:

• If you have special requirements can be customized.
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