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Nobuhiro Guangzhou Electronic Technology Co., is a professional DLP big-screen mosaic wall, LCD splicing screen, plasma screen splicing such as product development and sales as the main high-tech companies.

Letter to fight Hongdae screen wall system mainly refers to the DLP mosaic wall, LCD Video Wall, Plasma display wall based and image processors with high-brightness, high-resolution, color fidelity video wall. Its powerful, can display all kinds of computers (workstations), network signal and a variety of video signals, the picture can be any roaming, windows, zoom and overlay its applications with the advent of the digital age more and more widely, the current application of more monitoring, centralized dispatching and communications systems, industrial applications are mainly distributed in 110 public security, traffic police road traffic control, power scheduling, monitoring of government departments, telecommunications and entertainment.

Nobuhiro company's long-term commitment to large-screen display technology research and development, large-screen display system has a profound understanding of this point;. Nobuhiro company has successfully developed Nobuhiro image stitching processor, Nobuhiro VGA matrix switcher, Nobuhiro video matrix switcher, etc. a set of core products from the installation site survey, equipment installation, commissioning, acceptance, Nobuhiro company has a complete set of workflow and rich experience in construction. So far, Nobuhiro mosaic screen are exported to all over the country, at the same time, the company many industries to provide a complete solution for large-screen video wall.

In the company of software and hardware technology development team, brings together outstanding complex technical personnel, Nobuhiro company in product promotion, abide by the 'better' concept of development, in planning, creativity, design, production and synthesis of originality, combined with user units features to enhance the user's brand image, launched a batch of unique conception, with a strong visual impact of large-screen products, the majority of users.

Quality + Service 'is the company's core business philosophy, quality determines the survival of enterprises, companies around' Nobuhiro 'brand, profound knowledge, tried to fight the brand well-known brand for the purpose of the work, and strive for enterprises to establish a good brand image.

Tarzan let the soil, it can into its big, Hohai not the small streams, it can on its depth. 'Nobuhiro company attaches importance to every customer, and to uphold the development of the concept of long-term cooperation with customers, adhere to the principles of integrity, and customers work grow together!

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