Cooling Tower\ Naser

Cooling Tower\ Naser

Product description:


1. Economic and save water
2. It is light, low noise and high quality.
3. Be easily assembled

Cooling tower is designed to economic and save water, it is the huge advance in industry. We take Fibre-reinforced plastic as the materials of cooling tower. it is light, low noise and high quality. It is widely used in plastic, electronics, food, textile, chemicals, packing industrialand so on.

1. Cooling capacity ranges from 3 to 780 M3/ h, relevant refrigeration ton is from 5 to1000.
2. Body: FRP body which contain stabilization material resisting ultraviolet radiation. It has long service life.
3. Fan: Use special fan with variable section, twist and pitching blade. The fan Works at an equal speed, a low self moving pressure, an energy-saving use and a low noise. Fixing angle of blade is changeable to meet the work demands and improve the efficiency.
4. Motor: Choose special electric motor with whole sealed cooling tower, we use 380V/ 3φ / 50HZ mostly.
5. Fill: With round counterflow model fill, be able to be extended the time and space of heat exchange.
6. Distribution: With rotating pipe model, the equipment is made of frp
7. Structure: All structure be treated with rust-removing, hot dipped galvanized
Steel. All can bear corrosion, have high strength, be easily assembled and have Elegant surface.
8. Type: Standard, low noise and High temperature , industrial type to meet customer's needs.