Desktop microwave oven temperature atmosphere

Desktop microwave oven temperature atmosphere

Product description:

MKX-M2 desktop microwave oven high temperature atmosphere

Desktop microwave oven temperature atmosphere

MKX-M2 (patented product: high-temperature microwave oven ZL200920352601.3)

High-temperature synthesis under the scope of various types of solid materials atmospheric conditions, sintering, ashing, melting and heat treatment.

General features

1, the heating temperature: The maximum heating temperature 1600 ℃

2, heating up fast: the highest heating rate of 1000 ℃ / 30min

3, no oven process: direct materials microwave energy, save the traditional long oven time

4, suitable for 100 * 100 * 30mm ceramic crucible

5, ambience: closed cavity, can pass a variety of reaction atmosphere

6, the microwave energy which means that there is no thermal inertia, easy to control temperature

7, imported infrared temperature measurement and control, test accuracy ± 0.5%

8, PLC automatic control, power and time can be set

9, optional vacuum systems to achieve vacuum heating effect

10. Security: Set safety lock structure, in the event of unforeseen circumstances automatically cease to function.

11, microwave leakage protection in line with GB


1, the supply voltage / microwave heating power: 220V / 1600W

2, temperature range: maximum temperature 1600 ℃, the highest temperature can be 24 hours of continuous work

3, the furnace chamber volume: 1.2L / (110 * 100 * 110mm) (W * D * H)

4, the furnace chamber material: ceramic fiber

Microwave oven temperature dedicated cooling station

Specifications Model: MKZ-LA

Uses: Suitable for high-temperature furnace furnace 1600W microwave components and rapid cooling


1) cooling table tops, stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, keep the table clean, overall nice

2) cooling table size: about 1.2 * 0.8 * 1.5m

3) Built-in heat exchangers, cooling fan, circulation pump and water storage systems, rapid cooling water temperature, to ensure the normal operation of the microwave equipment

4) platform set up control system, power supply system, suitable for the high-temperature furnace 1600W of microwave equipment for cooling

5) The water alarm system: when the system is missing the necessary cooling water system to automatically cut off the power supply of the microwave stops running, protection components.

6) reserved the access door for easy inspection, maintenance

7) with a level gauge, temperature control system, in exceptional cases, for high-temperature microwave oven components for protection

8) inlet and outlet connections using quick connectors, water tightness, watertight, easy to connect