Desktop Microwave Chemistry laboratory furnace

Desktop Microwave Chemistry laboratory furnace

Product description:

Electric muffle furnace high temperature furnace experiment experimental microwave oven microwave technology microwave oven temperature microwave equipment magnetron microwave source

MKX-J1A2 Desktop Microwave Chemistry laboratory furnace (microwave test platform)


This model is suitable for use as a microwave test equipment platform to facilitate additional functions

Universities, research institutions for material heating, drying, pyrolysis, and other treatment.

General features

1, about control, new design ideas in the middle of the furnace, microwave capabilities to create lab internet.

2 pull-down door design, door drop down in the end, it can take place as a test platform for containers, easy to operate

3, vertical design furnace chamber, the chamber height of 285mm, especially for long-necked flask and reaction processing pipeline, domestic microwave oven usually not more than 200mm, so the design has broader applicability.

4, industrial microwave systems, 800W microwave output, for a long time.

5, 0 to 300 degrees using infrared thermometer, dynamic monitoring of the internal temperature. And can be set through the temperature range to achieve temperature control within a set range.

6, the door set the observation window, the furnace chamber auxiliary lighting system that can observe changes in internal tests.

7, set the digital counter, control time 99 minutes 99 seconds can be set.

8, stove top chamber design test hole can accommodate glass and ceramic labware insert cavity test.

9, electrical control, key operation.

10, set the open power protection, microwave leakage in line with GB


1220V / 50Hz power supply

2, the outer size of about 585 * 375 * 450 (W * D * H)

3, the microwave heating zone volume: 15 liters (width 250 * height 285 * D 275mm), 285mm height advantage with a test space

Expansion capabilities

1, microwave power from 0 ~ 800W continuous stepless adjustment (see Michael K Model MKX-J1B1)

2, through the weighing system, the completion claiming heavy operation. (See Michael K Model MKX-J1B2)

3, to achieve PLC automatic intelligent control, color touch-screen operation. (See Michael K Model MKX-J1D1)

4, the bottom turn wave function, since the microwave cavity fed through the antenna coupling. (See Michael K Model MKX-J1C1)

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