Desktop atmosphere high temperature furnace

Desktop atmosphere high temperature furnace

Product description:

Electric muffle furnace high temperature furnace experiment experimental microwave oven microwave technology microwave oven temperature microwave equipment magnetron microwave source

MKZ-M1 Desktop atmosphere high temperature furnace (Microwave Muffle Furnace)

Scope universities, research institutions for high temperature sintering materials, melt-like reaction and other tests

General features

1. all-cavity ceramic fiber insulation materials, insulation resistance

2. The heating speed, according to the material absorbing properties, the maximum temperature of 1100 ℃

3. Using a weight sensor, can in the microwave heating process, the weight change dynamically tracking the material

4. Microwave power 800w continuously adjustable

5. Case closed, reserved out of gas pipelines to facilitate the reaction in the atmosphere under atmospheric pressure conditions

6. Infrared temperature measurement and control, test accuracy 0.5%

7. Security: Set safety lock structure, in the event of unforeseen circumstances automatically cease to function.

8. microwave leakage protection in line with GB


1. Supply voltage / microwave heating power: 220V / 800W

2. Temperature range: maximum temperature of 1 100 ℃, commonly used temperature 100 ~ 1000 ℃

3. Size: About 600 * 600 * 550mm (W * D * H)

6. The furnace chamber volume: 1.2L / (110 * 100 * 110mm) (W * D * H)

7. The furnace chamber material: ceramic fiber

Expansion capabilities

1. PLC automatic control, multi-stage firepower and time can be set

2. Can provide customized products in the power, volume, pressure, temperature control, etc. according to customer requirements

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