Catalytic microwave tube furnace

Catalytic microwave tube furnace

Product description:

Electric muffle furnace high temperature furnace experiment experimental microwave oven microwave technology microwave oven temperature microwave equipment magnetron microwave source

MKG-C5 microwave catalytic furnace tube

Scope of University, Institute of Chemistry (photocatalysis) study, conducted pipeline vapor, liquid, solid, etc. Test

Applicable to the field of microwave synthesis, microwave heating, microwave radiation, microwave catalysis

General features

1, using a glass pipe, the device body with two out of gas passage, the top and bottom also left two channels

2, door design, on the one hand in favor of a uniform microwave heating, on the other hand, you can easily pick and place materials, filling materials, as well as pouring dross

3, using infrared thermometer, you can dynamically monitor the status of the material

4, interior lighting and video structure can dynamically monitor internal reactions observed.

5, the digital time setting, can be accurate to the millisecond response time.

6, 0 ~ 5000W microwave power points and six-speed setting adjustment

7, industrial specifications designed to fit 24H continuous operation

8, protection door switches, door off, effectively prevent microwave leakage

9, microwave leakage protection in line with GB


1220V / 50Hz power supply

2, the device size: approximately 550 (W) * 450 (D) * 1200 (H) mm

3, the cavity box size: 450 (W) * 400 (D) * 550 (H)

4, the glass pipe: diameter 40mm diameter

Expansion capabilities

1, according to user requirements, continuous linear microwave power can be adjusted freely set

2, can be customized according to the process of ceramic pipes, suitable for high temperature heating

3, temperature measurement methods can be adjusted according to customer requirements for the thermal resistance, infrared temperature measuring instrument

4, PLC automatic control can be added, or R232 interface with the computer via online

5, can provide customized products in the power, volume, pressure, tightness, temperature control, etc.

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