Microwave vacuum high temperature heating furnace

Microwave vacuum high temperature heating furnace

Product description:

Electric stove microwave oven microwave microwave muffle furnace experiment of high temperature furnace high temperature furnace microwaves magnetron microwave sources

MKZ-T3 vacuum microwave high-temperature heating furnace (patent product: microwave on high temperature ZL200920352601.3)

The scope of

Apply to heating of materials in vacuum atmosphere; Apply flux reduction atmosphere of microwave high-temperature heating

Common functionality

1, stainless steel design, which can take on negative pressure and reduce erosion of the atmosphere

2, suitable for dry (anhydrous) materials of high temperature heating vacuum up to -0.099Mpa

3700~1600du infrared thermometer, you can contact test temperature, avoiding interference microwave field

4, high temperature heating capacity 200*200*200mm

5, according to material properties, over 1400 degrees can be achieved by heating effect.

6, equipment, key parts of the case, all liquid cooling, low surface temperature

7, adopts PLC automatic control, intelligent control in temperature and power LCD dialog interface

8, built-in heat exchanger, suitable for high-temperature gas excluded

9, cantilever gates, multi layer protection, to prevent microwave leakage and gas seal

10 microwave leakage meet national standards


1220V/50Hz (or 380V/50Hz optional) power supply

2, multiple source microwave feed, maximum output microwave power: 3200W

3, size of about 900*900*1800 (w * d * h)

Expand function

1, can be adjusted according to the user's individual requirements and

2 If the initial water heating material, structure and function can be adjusted to suit requirements

3, according to customer requests for additional thermocouple temperature measurement methods and other indirect means of measuring temperature

4, additional PLC automatic control or R232 interface with computer online

5, power, volume, pressure, temperature control, provides customized products

Each device can be customized according to customer's requirements. Maikewei willing to work with you to grasp success! welcome!