Pressure sealed microwave reactor heated to high temperatures

Pressure sealed microwave reactor heated to high temperatures

Product description:

Electric muffle furnace high temperature furnace experiment experimental microwave oven microwave technology microwave oven temperature microwave equipment magnetron microwave source

MKY-M10-1 (pressure type) / MKX-M10 (pressure seal type) pressure sealed microwave reactor heated to high temperatures


Used in research, teaching 1000 ℃ high-temperature heating, study ash, organic matter pyrolysis, etc; equally suitable for environmental, biological, chemical industry powder-like material is stirred and heat treatment.

General features

1, stainless steel pressure cavity closed, can withstand short-term material 5kg less stressful gas

2, built-in special ceramic oven cavity, the effective size of φ230 * 360mm, about 15 liters of volume

3, using adjustable speed double-anchor stirrer speed of 0 ~ 173rpm, stepless adjustable speed

4, using pressure gauges, pressure internally generated dynamically monitor the situation

5, the power setting from 0 ~ 10kW firepower points and 12 files, automatic control system can also automatically set the appropriate operating power microwave (in percentage setting) to work

6, using plug-in thermocouple probes, dynamic monitoring of the internal temperature of the powder, the maximum test temperature of 1000 ℃

7 reserved exclude hole gas, pressure relief holes and other structural protection

8, PLC electrical control, built-in procedures, dynamic monitoring temperature, power situation

9, microwave leakage protection in line with GB

10, bilateral body sliding door for easy pick and place material


1380V / 50Hz power supply

2, the device size: about 1.2m (width) * 1.2m (height) * 1.02m (dark)

3, microwave heating rate: 1000 ℃ / 10min (absorbing characteristics of a good material test results)

4, the site needs: soften sink, circulating water pipeline

Expansion capabilities

1, according to user requirements, can be added equipment bearing capacity

2, you can move the lift instead of doing so in accordance with the requirements set up automatic lift gate

3, for the heating zone volume, and the microwave power can be customized according to customer requirements

4, multi-stage fire special circumstances under the control of programming

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