Fiber optic temperature measurement test Microwave

Fiber optic temperature measurement test Microwave

Product description:

Electric muffle furnace high temperature furnace experiment experimental microwave oven microwave technology microwave oven temperature microwave equipment magnetron microwave source

MKX-J1A fiber optic temperature measurement test Microwave


Heated reaction dynamic monitoring liquid reaction using microwave heating system the pH of the liquid within 350 degrees internal temperature of the direct test


1, using Built microwave scattering, microwave fed from the bottom, bottom heat transmission

20 to 30 minute timer design, knob operation

31000W microwave power output, power continuously adjustable from 0 ~ 1000W

4, the use of fiber optic temperature measurement systems, fiber-optic probe is sheathed ceramic rods, acid corrosion

5, the temperature display system for LED display, accuracy of 0.1 degrees

6, with the R232 interface, it can directly through the computer displays the test temperature, the degree of accuracy of 0.01

7, a microwave with a test hole, fiber optic temperature can be adjusted height rod

8, microwave leakage in line with GB


1, the device dimensions: 400 (W) * 460 (D) * 400 (H) mm

2, cavity box size: 285 (W) * 260 (D) * 224 (H) mm

3, cavity partition plate provided, for a glass reaction vessel within 1000ml

4, other measures may be added upon request

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