Microwave hazardous solid waste incinerator

Microwave hazardous solid waste incinerator

Product description:

Device Name hazardous solid waste incinerator microwave

Model MSX-M30

Scope for national standard hazardous solid waste disposal, with carbonization and ashing modes

Especially suited for end customers using hazardous solid waste, solid waste volume reduction quickly, deweighting

Key advantages : ① fast processing small quantities (100kg or less) dangerous solid waste, incineration residues hot burning reduced rate of less than 5%

Key advantages : ② closed anaerobic treatment technology, exhaust gas treatment is simple and insignificant emissions, easy to environmental requirements.

Key Advantages : ③ small size, easy to transport, for the end user to use, and easy to spread .


General function 1, the use of high-temperature furnace chamber enclosed design, resistant to vacuum and two working environment atmosphere

2, automatic loading and unloading structure, automatic incineration residues collected

3, exhaust adsorption decomposition technique

4, pressure, temperature, automated process control

5, power from 0 ~ 30kW automatic control, continuously adjustable

6, microwave leakage protection in line with GB

Specifications 1380V / 50Hz power supply

2, the device size : about 2.2m ( width ) * 2.0m ( height ) * 1.8m ( D)