Microwave Chemistry laboratory furnace

Microwave Chemistry laboratory furnace

Product description:

Device name laboratory microwave

Model MKX-H1C1

Scope universities, research institutions chemical materials for microwave reactions, microwave synthesis, microwave extraction, microwave atmospheric digestion experiments

General function 1, the pull-down door design, door drop down in the end, can take place as a test platform for containers, easy to operate;

2, vertical design furnace chamber, the chamber height of 330mm, especially for long-necked flask and reaction processing pipeline, domestic microwave oven usually not more than 200mm, so the design has a broader usefulness;

3, industrial microwave systems, 800W continuous microwave output power can be set adjustable;

4, 0 to 300 degrees infrared thermometer, dynamic monitoring of internal temperature changes;

5, the door set the observation window, the furnace chamber auxiliary lighting system, can observe the internal test changes;

6, PLC automatic control, dynamic display microwave power, temperature, time and other parameters

7, stove top chamber test wells designed to accommodate glass labware insert cavity test, then through the four-way condensation and titration, in the middle set the speed adjustable stirring motor, with anchor stirrer stirring treatment;

8, door Multi-chain structure, door off to protect the operator, microwave leakage in line with GB

Specifications 1220V / 50Hz power supply

2, external dimensions: about 680x440x500 (L * W * H)

3, the microwave heating zone volume: 18 liters (W 300 * H 330 * D 275), 330mm height advantage with a test space

Expand function 1, by improving the joint, you can configure each volume 100 ~ 1000ml glass container

2, by setting the internal lighting and video probe, internal reaction status visible.

3, according to the request for additional atmosphere of import and export, as well as ultraviolet and other functions

Note: can be customized according to customer requirements.

Expand Price calculation according to specific requirements.

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