Microwave laboratory furnace

Microwave laboratory furnace

Product description:

Device name laboratory microwave

Model MKJ-J1-8

Scope universities, research institutes for chemical, biological, and other aspects of the test

Suitable for the microwave synthesis, microwave digestion, microwave sample dissolution, the field of microwave hydrolysis, microwave catalysis

function descriptor

1, with no turntable microwave oven, microwave, flat bottom ceramics, convenient placement test vessel

2, the microwave antenna via microwave radiation divergence from the bottom up, microwave distribution is more uniform

30 to 300 degrees infrared tester, can not contact test material temperature, avoiding interference microwave field

4, with PLC programming control, temperature and power can be intelligent control

5, using adjustable speed stirring motor, speed from 70 ~ 1400rpm adjustable, with plastic anchor stirrer

6, can 1000ml single neck flask, beakers and other glassware microwave

7, Annex: a support table, flasks, rod, positioning card, porous tubes, flasks, cooling water pipes

8, door Multi-chain structure, door off to protect the operator, microwave leakage in line with GB

General parameters

1220V / 50Hz power supply

2, a single microwave source, the maximum output power of 800W microwave

3, the outer dimensions: about 500 * 220 * 800 (W * D * H, the condenser height)

Expansion capabilities

1, according to user requirements, can be equipped with materials such as Teflon or polypropylene bottle digestion

2, can be customized from within the range of 100 ~ 1000ml three-necked, multi-necked flask or beaker and subjected to microwave treatment

3, temperature measurement methods can be adjusted according to customer requirements for the thermal resistance, thermocouple or optical fiber temperature measurement

4, an additional R232 interface with a computer online

5, can be provided in a given product power, volume, pressure, temperature control, etc.

Note: can be customized according to customer requirements.

Expand Price calculation according to specific requirements.

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