Laboratory Microwave

Laboratory Microwave

Product description:

Device name laboratory microwave

Model MKJ-J1-4

Scope universities, research institutes using microwave chemistry, biology and other aspects of the test

Suitable for the microwave synthesis, microwave digestion, microwave sample dissolution, form the top field of microwave hydrolysis, microwave catalysis

function descriptor

1, the bottom of the microwave oven is no turntable design, coupling microwave radiation up to facilitate the placement of the test vessel

2, can 500ml three-necked flask, beaker or microwave treatment, reserved temperature, titration opening

3, using knob operation, continuous microwave power stepless adjustment, 0 ~ 800W continuously adjustable

4, using a digital counter, working time can be accurate to the millisecond microwave

50 to 300 degrees, infrared thermometer, non-contact temperature measurement, anti-jamming capability, rapid response

6, using adjustable speed stirring motor, adjustable speed from 70 ~ 1400rpm

7, with plastic anchor stirrer

8, door Multi-chain structure, door off to protect the operator, microwave leakage in line with GB

General parameters

1220V / 50Hz power supply

2, a single microwave source, the maximum output power of 800W microwave

3, the outer dimensions: about 500 * 220 * 500mm (W * D * H), the control section at the bottom

(Expand function)

1, according to user requirements, can be equipped with materials such as Teflon or polypropylene bottle digestion

2, can be customized from within the range of 100 ~ 1000ml three-necked, multi-necked flask or beaker and subjected to microwave treatment

3, temperature measurement methods can be adjusted according to customer requirements for the thermal resistance, thermocouple or optical fiber temperature measurement

4, you can configure the condenser, condenser bracket, Buret stents and other structures according to customer requirements

5. PLC automatic control can be added, or by R232 interface with the computer online

6, can provide custom production power, volume, pressure, temperature control, etc.

Note: can be customized according to customer requirements expand Price according to the specific requirements of accounting.

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