Microwave vacuum drying oven

Microwave vacuum drying oven

Product description:

Electric muffle furnace high temperature furnace experiment experimental microwave oven microwave technology microwave oven temperature microwave equipment magnetron microwave source

MKZ-G5 microwave vacuum drying oven (low temperature dehydration)


Applicable to research institutions for water (wet parts) vacuum drying material research, verify the effect of low temperature dehydration; suitable for low temperature test handling biological, pharmaceutical, food, health products and agricultural products

General features

1, using a water ring pump design, vacuum up -0.09Mpa. (Qingdao altitude measured data)

2, stainless steel cabinet, moisture corrosion parts

3, the microwave power can be set freely, continuously adjustable, maximum microwave power 5000W

4, using infrared thermometer, heat temperature dynamically monitor materials

5, power from 0 ~ 5000W points and six-speed adjustable, sub-file set

6, vacuum gauge to monitor the vacuum case, the degree of vacuum can be set freely up and down the range

7, high-definition food control system, with interior lighting, can monitor the whole dynamic material situation

8, multiple interlocking door, open the door to power, to protect the operator.

9, microwave leakage protection in line with GB


1. 220V / 50Hz power supply

2. Equipment Size: about 1.5m (width) * 1.3m (height) * 0.8m (D)

3. Microwave Box size: 0.5m (width) * 0.5m (height) * 0.5m (D)

Expansion capabilities

1, according to user requirements, in order to pursue high vacuum (ie, lower moisture evaporation temperature), you can use a large pump or Roots pump, vacuum up -0.099Mpa. (Qingdao altitude measured data)

2, if the pursuit of the microwave heating uniformity, axis positioning may be used, provided plastic tray, the tray having a diameter of 450mm, can be rotated heated under vacuum

3, can be added continuously adjust the microwave power module, free to set the microwave power level

4, PLC automatic control can be added, or R232 interface with the computer via online

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