Microwave muffle furnace

Microwave muffle furnace

Product description:

Electric muffle furnace high temperature furnace experiment experimental microwave oven microwave technology microwave oven temperature microwave equipment magnetron microwave source

MKX-M1 microwave muffle furnace (Microwave Muffle Furnace) (patent products: high-temperature microwave oven ZL200920352601.3)


High-temperature synthesis of various types of solid materials in an air atmosphere, the sintering, ashing, melting and heat treatment.

General features

1. The heating speed: within half an hour you can program heated from room temperature to 1000 ℃

2. no oven process: direct materials microwave energy, save the traditional long oven time

3. For 100 * 100 * 30mm ceramic crucible

The microwave energy which means that there is no thermal inertia, easy to control temperature

5. The thermocouple temperature control, test accuracy of 1%

6. Security: Set safety lock structure, in the event of unforeseen circumstances automatically cease to function.

7, microwave leakage protection in line with GB


1. Supply voltage / microwave heating power: 220V / 800W

2. Temperature range: maximum temperature of 1100 ℃, commonly used temperature 100 ~ 1000 ℃, the highest temperature can be 24 hours of continuous work

3. Exhaust system: Natural ventilation tube, cap

4. Size: 400 * 430 * 570mm (W * D * H)

5. The furnace chamber volume: 1.2L / (110 * 100 * 110mm) (W * D * H)

6. The furnace chamber material: ceramic fiber

Expansion capabilities

1. PLC automatic control, multi-stage firepower and time can be set

2. Infrared temperature measurement and control (measurement accuracy of 0.5%), microwave power with automatic temperature control, continuously adjustable

3. Exhaust system: additional high temperature and strong exhaust fan

4. ashing function: dedicated ashing containers, fast ashing function

5. By adding an auxiliary insulation, heating temperature to achieve the highest degree of 1150 ℃

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