HD-9014 wire torsion testing machine

HD-9014 wire torsion testing machine

Product description:

HD-9014 wire torsion testing machine

The film resistance test instrument specially broken the strength of each wire and magnet wire twisting of frequency test method is clamped at both ends of the sample at one end fixed and the other end of the continuous reciprocating twist to a sample of broken or enameled paint off, exposing the conductor, its resistance to torsional record number. wire winding + torsion testing machine at the same time meet the GB / T4909.4-2009 and GB / T4909.7-2009 standard .

First, the horsepower DC / 1HP

Second, the jig actuating chuck

Third, the fixture spacing 0 ~ 500mm

Four, speed 6 ~ 60 r / min can be set arbitrarily

Fifth, the number of rotations can be set from 0 to 999999

Sixth, the load was applied 5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg

Seven, volume (W * D * H) 130 * 55 * 2500px

Winding test : 1, the mandrel diameter : ¢ 1.25 ~ ¢ 19.00mm

2, the sample diameter: Aluminum ¢ 1.25 ~ ¢ 6.00mm, wire ¢ 1.25 ~ ¢ 3.80mm

3, spindle speed : ≤8r / min, RHS head displacement distance : ≥40