HD-9001 Computer System Plug Tester

HD-9001 Computer System Plug Tester

Product description:

HD-9001 Computer System Plug Tester

This machine is suitable for a variety of connector insertion force and withdrawal force tests with automatic evaluation of heart devices patented design, will get a completely accurate insertion force testing, use WINDOWS, set the screen window Chinese, simple operation, and All data can be stored ( test conditions, the displacement curve, the life curve, inspection reports - etc. )

It specifies the maximum load : 5030201052Kg ( optionally a )
Minimum Resolution: 0.01
Determination of the maximum height : 150mm
Minimum trimming distance : 0.01mm
Determination of the speed range : 0-200mm / min
X.Y axis movement range : 0-75mm
Transmission mechanism : Ball Screw

Drive motor : Servo Motor
Dimensions : 360 * 260 * 940mm
Weight : 67Kg ( machine )

Power : AC110V or 220V