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Where To Get Seaweed Peat Moss Sargassum Peat Without Impurity As Oil Adsorption

Where To Get Seaweed Peat Moss Sargassum Peat Without Impurity As Oil Adsorption
  • Where To Get Seaweed Peat Moss Sargassum Peat Without Impurity As Oil Adsorption
  • Where To Get Seaweed Peat Moss Sargassum Peat Without Impurity As Oil Adsorption
  • Where To Get Seaweed Peat Moss Sargassum Peat Without Impurity As Oil Adsorption
  • Where To Get Seaweed Peat Moss Sargassum Peat Without Impurity As Oil Adsorption
Product code: 21542500001
Unit price: 700-850 USD
Price unit: Per piece
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Quick Details

  • Classification: Organic Fertilizer

  • Type: Seaweed

  • CAS No.: 1415-93-6

  • Other Names: peat moss

  • EINECS No.: 215-809-6

  • Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Release Type: Controlled

  • State: Powder

  • Purity: 90%

  • Application: Organic agriculture, flowers, oil chemical industry

  • Brand Name: RT

  • Color: brown

  • Harmful bacteria: No

  • Heavy metal: No

  • Smell: tasteless

  • L/ T: 15-30Days

  • Payment: L/ C, T/ T

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: plastic woven bags with PVC bag, 20kgs/ bag net weight can also custom-made according to customer demands.
Delivery Detail: 15-30days after release order


It features unique, high-quality sphagnum peat moss from the company peat mine

Detailed information

Normal Organic Peat

1 organic matter : 45%-55%

2 humic acid : 8%-15%

3 water content : (11%

4 PH value: 6-7

5 powder mesh number : 80-120

High Organic Peat

1 organic matter : 55%-65%

2 humic acid : 25%-30%

3 water content : (15%

4 PH value: 6-7

5 powder mesh number : 80-120

Packing Details: plastic woven bags with PVC bag, 40kgs/ bag net weight . we can do OEM package.

Interduction of our product

During the earth's history of Carboniferous, permian period, Jurassic Period and New generation of the tertiary period, the climate is very mild and wet. There lives plenty of tall green plants. Especially in lakes and marshes, depression and other low-lying areas with some water. A very strong growth of Ancient ferns of Sigillaria, lepidophyte could also be found. Under the environment of that time, plenty of organic matter and humic acid existed in the soil of atmosphere and earth's surface, which were absorbed by animals and plants. After the tall plants fallen down, they were flooded by by water, which resulted in the wood isolated by oxygen. The plants would not decomposed easily with the condition of oxygen deficit. With the increased of downed-log continuously, they formed into accumulation horizon consisted by plants remains, which formed into peat horizon in the effect of microorganism after the repeating of decomposition and combination.

Applied range

Peat has been used in urban greening construction, Planting flowers nutrition soil, playground orgolf course, grading of pot flowers, soil amendment, desert afforestation, soil-less cultivation and edible bacteria culturing, lawn roll produced industrialized, edible fungus cultivation, various compound fertilizer, building roof garden area and so on.

Characteristics of products

1 Water binding capacity.

The special fiber structure makes our product possessing the moisture holding and retention features as spongia. And peat largest character is athermic, water is hard to evaporate, which decrease peat's maintenance cost greatly.

2 Breathability.

The special fiber structure makes soil very mellow, which makes plants root have a good breathability and then owning a good environment.

3 The functions of carrier.

The special structure makes them as a supporter of nutrient. It avoids nutrient's running off, which decrease peat's maintenance cost greatly.

4 Peat is the best material of improving soil.

The speciality of peat could loosen clay as well as cohesion sandy soil. Peat is the best modified variation.

5 Peat contains abundant humic acid, incressing plants root's osmotic pressure, it can promote plants root absorbing organic matter.

(1) enhance manurial effect combined used with N, P, K could enhance fertilizer's utilization, especially of P. A Because of active group in the acid soil could form into clathrate, which could decrease soil fasten phosphate. At the same time, humic acid could adsorb calcium ion, so it can increase utilization of P. B In the saline soil, increase granular structure after humic acid are used, this could reduce water's evaporation and the accumulation of salt in surface of soil. It could increase plants drought resisting and alkali resistance

(2) Soil improvement  The humic acid's organic colloid could combine with calcium ion form into flake gelatin which making soil grain glues together. Increasing water stability granular structure, harmonizing water, fat, gas and heat . ‚The active group of humic acid have a strong effect in exchange capacity and absorb to cation Sodium, autunite, ferrum, aluminium, negative ion, chlorine, sulphates. If you could take good use of this feature, then it can decrease the density of chloride and sulphate to reduce poison to the crops.

6 Peat's average PH value is 6-7, if the peat is used, PH value of soil could be maintained and it is suited for all kinds of plants.

7 Peat is all natural, non-toxic, bioclean, and have inbibitional effect to plant germ.

8 Peat is acid object, it could avoid nutiotions in Manure pile diffusing in the form of ammonia.

9 Peat is a safe Organic objects which is all natural, no mixture, non-pollution to our soil. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, American Association for Agriculture, United States Golf Association and the Canadian association of peat have a strict inspection and quarantine regulations.

Advantages of our products

1 Non any industerial additive

2 After ten thousand years of Natural biological degradation, our product has been decomposed completely ( odourlessness, the vegetable fibre in peat has been totally decomposed, the chemical bond among organic matter has being the shortest, which is helpful to plants absorbtion.

3 The organic matter has been decomposed from macromolecule to small molecular structure, mostly of them could be absorbed directly by plants. Because it contain much free radical in the process of decopmosition ( this kind of free radical has a strong adsorbability, especially including calcium ion, magnesium iron ion and other amino acid which are needed by plants.) . The free radical are helpful for plants to fully absorb nutrition.

To sum up, our peat is a kind of natural organic fertilizer with high quality which could be used as organic compound fertilizer's natural carrier.

Organic fertilizers play Important Roles :

♥ Mobilizing existing soil nutrients, so that good growth is achieved with lower nutrient densities while wastingless.

♥ Releasing nutrients at a slower, more consistent rate, helping to avoid a boom-and-bust pattern.
♥ Helping to retain soil moisture, reducing the stress due to temporary moisture stress Improving the soil structure.
♥ Helping to prevent topsoil erosion (responsible for desertfication and the Dust bowl.

Product craftwork and service flow chart

Note: We can add NPK or other element matter into the oragnic peat follow your demand, but the total percentage less than 15%.